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BLDGWORKS, founded in 2015, is structured to allow it to perform as an investment firm, an architectural design firm and a construction management firm. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is implemented for superior organization, goal alignment and proactive mindsets that creates an environment conducive to collaboration and teamwork.

Erik Churchill
Founder / Principal

Erik is the Founder of BLDGWORKS,  a firm dedicated to offering unique real estate, architectural design, and construction solutions. The firm has consulted to Fortune 50 companies and has had its work published in dwell magazine and recognized in international design competitions. Erik brings his experience in architecture, construction and technology to push the boundaries of design, sustainability, and traditional models of project delivery.

Erik was a founding partner and Chief of Product Design for Vessel Technologies from 2018-2020, a modular housing company seeking holistic solutions to the affordable housing crisis, where he managed the integrated in-house A/E and fabrication detailing teams. Prior to launching BLDGWORKS in 2015, Erik was a Senior Project Manager at SHoP where he specialized in managing the design process and BIM/VDC integration on projects that used advanced methods of construction such as pre-fabrication.

Erik’s early career was in carpentry and managing construction of single family homes including two of the first LEED-H homes in the nation for Neil Kelly Company in Portland, OR. As a consultant he has worked with Gehry Technologies in Paris on technology development. As a graduate student at the University of Oregon he developed the community design-build program, designBridge, into a nationally recognized program. As an author he has written on the changing roles of architects, publishing “Re-Negotiating Architects’ Relevancy - A U.S. Perspective of IPD and BIM”. Erik has lectured numerous times at industry events and at academic institutions on his work. He has taught design at RPI, running the Design Development - Bedford Studio and studios at the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology. Erik received a BA from Brown University, a Master of Architecture and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon- pioneering a joint degree program.

He is a registered architect in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.